Architectural Photography: abandoned Stairs by Christian Richter


Architectural Photography: abandoned Stairs 

abandoned stairs design by christian Richter
abandoned stairs design by christian Richter
The world around us is a world of things and places, an architectural framework for most of us. Photographing architecture is to explore, read and decipher these places: a slow and careful way of observing the world. In this series of photographs, the architect and architectural photographer Christian Richters portrays abandoned stairs ... essentially functional-element for vertical connection between different levels of a building, which carries a strong symbolism that exceeds their initial destination.

After completing his studies at the Folkwang School of Art in Essen, Germany, Richter began photographing architecture from the 90s, initially focusing on the cities and historic buildings, but soon began to portray contemporary architecture.

abandoned stair pictures by Christian Richter
creative abandoned stairs photography
He has worked internationally with some of the most famous architects of today, in most cases, portraying his works for more than two decades. Much of his photographic work has been published in books and architectural journals worldwide.
abandoned spiral stairs by Christian Richter
spiral stairs photography by Christian Richter
spiral stairs by Christian Richter
spiral stairs 
Architectural stairs Photography by Christian Richter
abandoned Stairs Photography by Christian Richter
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in Detail : metal stairs in House "C"


Metal Stairs in House "C" / Francesco Librizzi, Matilde Cassani

metal stairs in house C in milan
metal stairs design, Milan, Italy

House "C" of the Architects Italians Francesco Librizzi and Matilde Cassani , is characterized by minimal but significant intervention into an old house in Milan, a thin ladder drawn by a fine structure of metal profiles to connect rises slightly two spaces in a house that is known for being too narrow and too high . The work demonstrates the potential of a hidden and obstructed the passage of the years, from the interior installation of a sculptural object , which subtly contrasts with the interior through its materiality, form and positioning.
stairs in House C by Francesco Librizzi, Matilde Cassani
Stairs design in House "c" by Francesco Librizzi, Matilde Cassani

Description of Architects.

A small apartment in a building marked identity Milanese, dated 1900, is from two bedrooms and a bathroom. The apartment is mainly characterized by a spatial quality, granted from a very narrow width and a very generous headroom.
metal stairs plan
Stairs Plan in House "C", Milan

Windows, doors, all tile, finishes and materials had survived another century: something precious to keep as a resource for the new inhabitants of this house.
stairs design in house C in Milan
Stairs designed by Francesco Librizzi, Matilde Cassani
The strong identity of the interiors and the peculiarity of the high but narrow section that characterizes the house, got the chance to minimal intervention, but very significant.   thought it was only necessary to reveal the hidden potential of the space, leaving almost untouched the rest of the house. Moody Nothing, but nothing obsessed with the contemporary.
stairs house C in Milan, Italy
stairs diagram
Original Size of-the Ground ladder
Ground ladder
Adding a new layer to the small size available in the house was necessary. Ask a path to reach it, and make it architecturally visible, was all we had to built one new, thin structure made ​​based on metal profiles 14 mm to wrap the bodies as they approach "level + 1": a fourth suspended inside an old house.
interior design
Architects: Francisco Librizzi Studio
Design Team: Francisco Librizzi, Matilde Cassani
Location: Milan, Italy
Date of intervention: 2009-2010
Contributors: Carolina Martinelli
Structural Engineer: Federico Santarosa
area: 45 m2
pictures: Giovanna Silva
bathroom in house C, milan
bathroom design
house C, Milan, italy

house C Architecture Plan, Milan
Architecture Plan

bedroom design

metal stairs in house C milan
metal stairs 
stairs design

home and stairs plan
House Plan
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endless stairs


Impossible staircase

endless stairs
impossible stairs design
Impossible staircase - one of the basic impossible projects. It is sometimes called the endless stairs . If someone would want to go up or go down on her, then, after passing four flights of stairs, he would have been in the same point where you started your journey. A walk on the stairs goes on, and without moving from its starting point.

Model impossible staircase developed by English biologist Lionel Penrose (Lionel Penrose) with his son - a renowned mathematician Roger Penrose (Roger Penrose) . She was the first impossible object that M. Escher (MC Escher) used in his work - a lithograph "Ascending and Descending" ("Ascending and Descending") , which depicts the mysterious monastery on its roof recreated impossible staircase.

Although Asher and Layoner and Roger Penrose made ​​impossible staircase known around the world, it was opened a few years before their Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvard (Oscar Reutersvard) . But neither Penrose nor Escher were not familiar with the works Reutersvard.

Consider in more detail the impossible staircase (see Fig. Below). If you move the ladder clockwise, we will continually rise, and if we move counter clockwise, then - down. While it may seem that such a construction is not possible in the real world, in fact (like many of impossible projects ) impossible stairs can be represented as a real model. The secret here lies in the fact that the real model impossible stairs should be a gap in the area of the right corner (shown), which in this case is not seen as a viewpoint chosen deliberately to hide the gap.
endless staircase project
endless stairs
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modern sculpture stairs


sculpture stairs of French architects  

sculpture stairs designed by French architects
sculpture stairs designs of french architects
French architectural studio TA © trarc Architects has completed work on stair sculpture, located in the premises of the modern school of Arts in Saint-Erblene (France).

modern stairs design
modern sculpture stairs design in Arts school
On the ground floor of the school arranged music hall and theater dance, the second level is the exhibition space. The two floors are connected with each other expressive staircase, and became the center of the visual dominant of the building.

stairs design
irregularly stairs design 

Irregularly shaped structure, balanced swirl of color, monochrome animates sterile environment well-lit rooms and two levels reminds visitors that they got into a creative place.

stairs design fun to watch from any point of view. Furthermore, this functional sculpture design makes it interesting and intriguing upgrade process to the second level, attracting the attention of visitors and school inviting them to visit the exhibition space. With creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio, office is located in Nantes . 
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How to climb to the sky: TOP 10 vertiginous stairs


most attractive stairs in the world

vertiginous stairs
TOP 10 vertiginous stairs
Many in the form of a high ladder experiencing irritation and frustration, trying whenever possible to use the elevator. But sometimes simply no other way. But then all efforts are rewarded handsomely - before the eyes appear amazingly inspiring stairs designs scenery.

Stairs to the waterfall, Ecuador
Stairs to the waterfall Pailon del Diablo, Ecuador
Steps lead up to one of the most famous waterfalls in South America - Pailon del Diablo, located near the Ecuadorian town of Banos. With its Spanish name translates as Devil's Cauldron. Stairs constantly hiding behind the mist and clouds of fine spray.

unusual stairs in india
Well Chand Baori, India
Unusual step well is part of the temple Harshat Mata. Steps lead down to a large swimming pool, built in the 8th century to collect and store rainwater. This is one of the largest reservoirs in India. Total 3500 steps in the well, forming 13 layers. His depth of about 30 meters .

Stairs in Elbe Sandstone Mountains, Germany
Stairs Elbe Sandstone Mountains, Germany
487 steps appeared right in the Elbe Sandstone rock by water and wind somewhere in the 13th century, but in the 18th century, they were corrected and expanded. Who raised them mostly tourists who come to Dresden.

Rock Guatapé Antioquia - this stone monolith height of 220 meters. Staircase built of concrete building on the natural crevices. To climb to the top, you need to overcome the 702 steps.

stairs in the island of Oahu, Hawaii
Haiku Stairs on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
On the small island of Oahu, Hawaii, you can take a fascinating journey through the Haiku stairs , consisting of 3922 steps. Built it in 1942, and then in the 50s of the last century modernized. Overall length of 850 meters.

The ancient trade route linking the Peruvian city of Cusco and Machu Picchu, looks very unusual. In the context of the difficult terrain Incas had no choice but to build a trail through the mountains. The result is staggering: many miles is very unreliable and dangerous steps.

Endless stairs to the rocky coast of Spain, leading to a small chapel of the 10th century the Templars. 231 step for a long time remained a strange dent. Say it traces of John the Baptist.

longest spiral stairs in china
Stairs in the Chinese provinces of Shanxi and Henan

Recently in China Taihang Mountains was a spiral staircase height of 100 meters. It certainly beats the stair skyscraper Stairscraper , but still attracts many tourists. Before you allow those who want to climb up, they are asked to sign a document stating that they have no problems with the heart and lungs. Tourists over 60 years old are not allowed on the ladder.

carved stairs on the mountain Wayna Picchu, Peru
Stairs on the mountain Wayna Picchu, Peru

Staircase carved into the rock leads to the top of Wayna Picchu. Lifting takes an average of an hour and a half. On the day allowed to climb only 400 tourists.
Originally it was intended to serve hydroelectric Florli, Norway. This is the first in the world's longest wooden staircase - 4444 steps of 740 meters. Hydroelectric power does not work anymore, so the ladder is open to all wishing to engage in hiking.
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