modern sculpture stairs


sculpture stairs of French architects  

sculpture stairs designed by French architects
sculpture stairs designs of french architects
French architectural studio TA © trarc Architects has completed work on stair sculpture, located in the premises of the modern school of Arts in Saint-Erblene (France).

modern stairs design
modern sculpture stairs design in Arts school
On the ground floor of the school arranged music hall and theater dance, the second level is the exhibition space. The two floors are connected with each other expressive staircase, and became the center of the visual dominant of the building.

stairs design
irregularly stairs design 

Irregularly shaped structure, balanced swirl of color, monochrome animates sterile environment well-lit rooms and two levels reminds visitors that they got into a creative place.

stairs design fun to watch from any point of view. Furthermore, this functional sculpture design makes it interesting and intriguing upgrade process to the second level, attracting the attention of visitors and school inviting them to visit the exhibition space. With creativity of the authors of the project can be found by visiting the official website of the architectural studio, office is located in Nantes . 
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