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Spiral staircases - an alternative to the most popular kind of stairs . They are ideal in those cases where it is a vertical lift in the limited space. Going up the spiral staircase, a person rotates in space more than 360 degrees. Most often,  spiral staircases at home to give the main load, and are complementary or decorative. They can be made in different styles, so you can use them in any interior. 
spiral stairs design
interior spiral stairs 
Spiral staircases look very effectively through the use of a wide variety of finishing materials and unusual shapes stair railings made of laminated glass, architectural glass and poly carbonate. Use of these materials allows you to create totally exclusive samples of spiral staircases. The most frequently used material for the manufacture of spiral stairs are wood, metal or a combination thereof. And wooden spiral staircases, metal spiral stairs and look equally good, and the choice of material depends only on the interior where they will be installed. 
interior metal spiral stairs
interior metal spiral stairs design 
But, nevertheless, if the floor area under the stairs lets take more space, it is better to abandon the spiral staircase and give preference to the march. The only advantage of a ladder, if you forget about saving space, its appearance. Among all the existing species is spiral staircases occupy last place in comfort and convenience . By virtue of the design, the minimum step height of the spiral staircase is 190 mm, as is well known, is considered a comfortable height from 155 to 180 mm. Crack under the spiral staircase should be round or square, and its minimum dimensions shall be 1300 x 1300 mm.Under such constraints  march width will be 500 mm, and for a comfortable lifting it should be 700 mm, respectively, the size of the opening shall be not less than 1600 x 1600 mm. And the presence of such a space allows you to set a comfortable stairway.  spiral Staircases sizes depend on the space allotted for them and location differ structurally. There are two basic designs of spiral staircases :-
  1. spiral staircase with a central support post. In most cases, this metal pillar in which a narrow stage portion is inserted from the opposite edge they are secured together using Boltzmann. Such spiral staircases do not require additional supporting pillars and can be installed away from the load-bearing walls. They are fixed between the floor and the floor of the initial overlap top. Stage of such ladders are usually made ​​of wood, but you can use a metal or glass. Central Post usually sheathed wooden tabs (cartridges), which serve not only design elements, but also constructive step spiral staircase attached to each other in the narrow part. Protections of such ladders are usually made ​​of stainless steel, and the rail is made ​​curved wooden or PVC.              
    spiral stairs parts
    spiral staircase with central support
  2. second kind of spiral staircases differs from the first in that the steps are not fixed by Boltzmann. For this purpose, use a bent string . This kind of spiral staircases is a classic, it is much more difficult to manufacture and, consequently, more expensive. 
    spiral stairs without central support
    spiral stairs basic design
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