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How to choose stairs designs,materials, in a country house 

Reflecting on what type of stairs would be preferable in a country house, a homeowner faces a choice - what type of ladder is best suited for the house and its inhabitants? Correct choice of several components - the appointment of a country house, the age of its residents, temporary or permanent residence in the house, the layout of rooms, number of floors, the inner area of ​​the building, heating method, etc. In some cases, it will be important what material built country house - for example, a concrete staircase is not suitable for wooden building.
wood spiral stairs
country house stairs design
Manufacturers offer different types of stairs designs , moreover, they are willing to concede to any whim of the customer. However, the design of the stairs there are any more solid rules, if ignored, could result in serious injury when climbing / descending the "non-standard" ladder.

Some mandatory rules for the ladder structure:

  1. concrete slabs site in width should be equal (or greater than) the width of the flight of stairs .
  2. Ideally, if the capital is surrounded by a staircase wall, and between the attic floor and the stairwell there is a partition with an opening for the entrance to the stairs.                                                            
  3. optimum height of 15 to 18 cm, width - enough to completely foot the owner of the incoming stair treads
  4. minimum width of stairs shall be considered adequate if it freely disperse two people, one of which goes up and the second goes down . Considered acceptable span width of 80 cm (preferably 10-20 cm wider)                                                                   
  5. angle of stairs - no more than 45 °. If the slope of the stairs has a greater degree, the down / up the same time it may be only one person. Move the ladder with a large bias is difficult, it is necessary to such stairs handrail (standard railing height - 80 cm);
  6. stair design should be suitable to  fire situation ! By the way, the wooden stairs is not necessarily a fire hazard, it is necessary only treatment formulations that prevent burning.

Stairs in a country house - shape, and material

Selecting the optimum shape for a country house stairs due to the presence of free space - the smaller it is, the greater the slope angle of the stairs, there will be more twists and turns on it. Ladders come in different types - consisting of one or several marches straight and curved, arched and elliptical . They are internal and external, their design can be built on rails, Saddle and string, they can be collected from finished pieces - modules. Steel bolts that secure the ladder to the wall, called Boltzmann. Stairs and rails take up little space and impressive look - dangling in the air. While the opposite side of the steps and railings  string or on bolts - each other.
floating stairs
stairs designs shape materials in country house
Saddle called inclined beam - the basis for the steps of the staircase, with the steps lie on this beam. installation steps on the inside of the carrier inclined beams - the so-called ladder on the string, and the beam itself is called stringers. Stairs, formed from pre-universal blocks, called modular .Collect it, as we are assured manufacturers, any person (minimum of two required installer) without special training and special tools. There are several basic materials from which run stairs - brick and concrete, stone, metal, wood, glass and plastic. If stairs are involved in the construction of two or more types of material, such a combination is called a ladder. Brick good material for stair treads, strong and abrasion resistant, but - only suitable for outdoor stairs.
concrete stairs
concrete stairs with iron handrails

concrete stairs

Stairs made ​​of concrete (concrete) are fairly common, they can be, inside and outside. Such stairs - a mandatory attribute of flats. Concrete - resistant material withstands all weather conditions and temperature extremes, can withstand heavy loads. However, installation of concrete stairs difficult - because of the large weight of the ladder needs a crane and sturdy base. Stone in the ladder structure forms a "body ladder" on top masonry poured concrete. stone staircase has all the advantages of concrete, is cheap, but it takes a lot of space and has significant weight.
metal stairs
metal black stairs design

metal stairs

Stairs made ​​of metal is robust, it is reliable. Wrought iron railings and fencing can turn iron staircase into a masterpiece. Resistant metal - no sound, vibration or deformation of the shape. Load, moisture and temperature changes for metal stairs present no problems. Stairs made ​​of black metal  - a variety of "air" forms and reasonable cost. Negative aspects of metal stairs - in some of the interiors are causing disharmony, metal rust prone and needs from time to time in recolor.
wood stairs
fantastic wood stair design

wood stairs

Wood as a material for the stairs in a country house looks very attractive. Indeed, what could be better and more natural wood - a natural and environmentally friendly material. Wooden staircase - decoration, functional piece of furniture, perfectly amenable decorative treatment. Among the negative factors wooden staircase - its cost, fragility (rot), ascent and descent on it over time accompanied by an unpleasant creaking. Wooden stairs are not resistant to abrasion,  dirt eats in them - they darken. Over time, the construction of wooden stairs shattered in the first place - the railing. In most cases, the problems associated with wooden staircase with poor quality wood - are not suitable for all types of wood, impact and unprofessional performers.
combination modern stairs

modern staircase

There ladders which use a combination of materials : metal + glass (plastic wood). In most cases, a combination of materials can significantly improve the performance of the stairs, there is a mutual exclusion of negative qualities. Combinations of materials in combined ladders allow to obtain a true masterpiece , the decoration of any interior, and the right combination saves space. For example, the combined metal-tree a gain in all respects - it takes less space, high strength (metal) and aesthetic appeal (tree). A combination of metal + glass staircase will ultramodern style.  Creating combined ladder requires the involvement of experts of two (or more) different directions - hence the high cost and duration of execution.
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