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advantages of wooden stairs designs, types and qualities 

Tree - one of the oldest building materials. from it you can create a ladder of any design.

screw, marching or combined (combination of the first two types of structures). Wizard creates a wooden staircase is not limited in the choice of carrier elements ladder design and in the way the steps. Wooden staircase can be built on rails (console type) or Saddle, bowstrings or supporting columns can be combined - to combine several types of mounts during the marches.
Wood Stairs Design
Wooden Stairs Design details
Classic, the most common type of wooden stairs - two angled beams, stringers (straight, round or serrated) with steps attached over beams. This type of ladder is tested over many centuries, it is durable and reliable. Disadvantages: heavy weight construction, the need for a considerable area (depending on the size of the stairs).
No less popular type of wood stairs - with fastening on the string. Stairs of this design is always an ornament of the house and is located in the central hall or living room. Under stair space can be closed and get a room normally used for storage. Disadvantages of such a staircase similar to the wooden stairs to the Saddle, design staircases both types must be considered early in the design of the house - they are bulky and thick.
Rung of the ladder attached to the Boltzmann, turn it into a console ladder - this type of wooden stairs  the most modern today. Still - staircase with no visible supports, without handrails looks absolutely amazing! However, up and down on it a little scary, it's hard to get rid of the feeling that the stage would collapse under the weight coming down on them.It should be noted that each stage freely withstand the load of a few hundred pounds, its attachment to the wall securely. Among all other types of ladders stairs and rails is easier to clean, it generally no corners - places where normally dusty. It takes up little space, almost negligible. The downside, in my opinion, is its lightness - I would still supplied cantilever staircase railings for greater confidence in their own security during the descent / ascent on it.
wooden spiral staircase, consisting solely of steps, a small footprint, it can be created in any room - and she will decorate this room. The main disadvantage of the spiral staircase - spiral movement, with the need to look carefully at his feet and hold on to the railing, fast descent / ascent on it is dangerous to a greater extent than other stairs designs.
stairs combination
In general, wooden stairs have positive qualities such as strength and resistance to stress, harmony with the interior space, the relative cheapness and ease of use. Solid wood used in the construction of wooden stairs is environmentally safe.
Common drawback, which have all types of wooden stairs - after several years of operation ascent / descent on them accompanied by a squeak.

wooden stairs - Production details

For the manufacture of stairs is not suitable for any wood. For the main data elements used stairs hardwoods - beech, maple and oak, as wood of these trees less susceptible to drying out of all - the main reason squeak when walked on the wooden stairs. Other elements of the ladder design, including decorative, made ​​of cherry and hornbeam, ash and walnut, teak and rosewood. Counting stairs design must take into account the physical properties of each kind of wood, they are different and incorrect use can cause a decrease in the strength of all the stairs.
The table below shows the density of some types of wood used in the creation of the stairs :
wood stairs density
density of some types of wood
Typically, a wooden staircase is not colored, it is covered in several layers of lacquer. Natural wood pattern will then be saved, so it will have a value of character cut solid wood, selected as the material for the wooden staircase. Tree trunk sawn in two directions - radial and tangential.
Radial cut passes through the core of a tree trunk, the resulting array has almost the same texture and color. An array of radial timber is most stable and resistant to any deformation, it is wear-resistant, and hence - durable. However, the cost of such an array of cutting is high, because from the trunk obtained only 10-15% of the finished product, and the remainder goes to waste.
When cutting, called tangential incision extends away from the core through the annual growth rings of the trunk. Texture pattern of such an array is full of growth rings in the form of waves. The resulting array has a way lower quality scores than radial, and it is cheap.
wood stairs
wooden stairs design paint

The incorporation of stairs structure - tips

Ways to connect the wooden stairs many details about them need to tell apart. In short, amateurs use nails and screws, professionals - Hidden Slot, finger joints and special adhesives. On how and what parts are connected ladder will depend on its strength and appearance. Nails and screws are still in use and some manufacturers, but such a connection gives unattractive design, so nail heads (screws) must be covered on top wooden plugs - if stairs will be painted with paint, the joints will not be visible.If the stairs designs will be varnished, the cork will not save - the joints are visible. Therefore, it is important to avoid the use of screws and nails on visible parts of the stairs.
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